Something for Nothing

I bought my first Rush album in eighth grade. In memory, I go back to those days with albums, Pouring over the lyrics, sitting alone and just going into the music. Still my favorite all time band! I love this so much. It Resonates now, just as it did then. Thank you so much for posting!
always such a Rush fanatic.
the book farewell to Kings when I was 13, and I would carry it to school everyday so I could listen to it in the library with headphones on. I’ve been bought every album up until I was probably 21 when I had my first child

rush vault

Background and Commentary

2112 closes with perhaps the clearest and most concise statement of purpose the band ever recorded. ‘Something for Nothing’ sounds like a call to action: ‘You don’t get something for nothing / You don’t get freedom for free / You won’t get wise with the sleep still in your eyes / No matter what your dream might be.'”—Bill Banasiewicz, Rush Visions

“The point of the whole song, though expressed in different ways, is you must be inner-directed if you are ever to follow your dreams to fruition. That doesn’t mean automatic rebellion against self-proclaimed authorities. If you felt you had to do the opposite of whatever they say to you, your action would still be controlled, albeit in a perverse way, by their commands. . . . This point is made strikingly by the clear allusion to the closing doxology of the Lord’s Prayer (‘For thine…

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