Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Love and Sin

Commentaries on Life

There are 6 distortions of love. Arrogance, Anger, Greed, Jealousy, Lust, and Delusion. Pupose of existence…move away from distortion to purity, back to the source.

Lust vs. Love
In lust – you do not consider the other person as life, you do not honor the life, you use them like an object – an object of your enjoyment
In love – there is surrender, you see the other person as divine, you elevate matter to the level of spirit

On Jealousy – the best cure for jealousy is the recognition that the life we have is full of its own meaning and beauty, utterly unique to us – a gift that can never be found in the life of another

On Problems – The self (Atman, spirit, soul, supreme consciousness) knows my degree of evolution, where I stand is what I require in order to learn many insights and to…

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